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Electric Fence Design Flaws

Many South African homeowners and businesses rely on an electric fence to keep criminals out, but negligence or weaknesses in electric fence designs allow criminals to get through or over these barriers.

Climb over because of poor electric fence design

Any kind of weak electric fencing design makes it possible for burglars to bend the fence, and then climb over without being detected. Keep in mind that criminals can scale high fences like trained professionals.

Bend the fence over

Weak electric fence design also makes it possible for criminals to bend the fence down, and then climb over without detection.

Breakthrough the wall

The right wall is also very important. So often people install an electric fence on top of a precast wall. That is merely false confidence. It’s way too easy to simply break a bottom slab and crawl through it.

Electric Fence is off

Often criminals simply climb over an electric fence because the fence is out of order and haven’t been repaired yet, or simply not switched on or they short circuit the fence, and in doing so, they blow a fuse in the energizer. Leaving the fence without a doubt useless. This could be done by attaching the fence to a metal stake through the use of copper wire. Most home and business owners will rather call maintenance experts than replace the fuse themselves, giving criminals time to secure their entry.

Fold parts of a rubber hose over the electrical wire strands

Some criminals fold parts of a rubber hose over the electrical wire strands to prevent them from touching and setting off the alarm.

Throw a rubber mat over the fence

Different methods of causing a short circuit is to place a heavy object on the fence. They will continually short-circuit the fence until the owner turns off the fence suspecting a fault. This is when criminals can bypass the system. Using a blanket to get over an electric fence will not work with a well designed and installed fence.

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