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Garage door repairs & installations

Garage controller and garage door repairs, maintenance, and installations in the West Rand & Randburg Areas.

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Garage door repairs & installations

MF Security Systems offer garage controller and garage door repairs, maintenance, and installations in the West Rand & Randburg Areas.

Most of us use our garage doors every day, but we rarely take the time to examine and check the condition of the doors. We only focus our attention on garage door repairs or the garage door opener when something goes wrong.

Regular garage door inspection & maintenance

What most householders need to remember is that garage doors also require regular inspection and maintenance. Performing regular inspections can help you determine whether the garage door is still functional and safe. These regular inspections will also bring into light the potential problems that require the attention of a professional garage door repair company.

Garage doors repair is one of the top priorities among other must-do things for the homeowner. It’s important not only for convenience but because it is an entrance to your property. And no matter what the situation is, there are people who will take advantage of an easy access point on to your home.

A broken overhead garage door is a safety concern. Just its large size and thus heavy weight can be the reason for an accident.

But don’t forget that even if the door is still standing, it might not work right. The garage door springs might break. The cables might snap the minute you will try to move the door. What you need to do is inspect it carefully and do the necessary repairs.

Unfortunately, even the best garage door cannot keep going for ever. Your roll up door needs service and lubrication on a regular basis, to ensure the longevity of your garage door motor. This is best done every 12 months.

Common garage door problems

  • The roll up door does not respond to the remote control signal. It could be the batteries. On the other hand, the antenna on the motor could be damaged or blocked from the signal.
  • Garage door cables and springs. Due to their tension, garage door cables and springs might snap under the high wind pressure.
  • Tracks. Unless they are reinforced, garage door tracks might pop off during pressure. It is highly likely that the rollers are forced to pop off the tracks too.
  • The garage door might open during a storm. If this happens, it means that the tracks and rollers are probably pulled off.
  • And don’t forget that the panels of sectional doors are prone to extensive damage too.

Remember that an automated garage door opener can be tricky to install. A professional has the proper tools and know-how to make the upgrade easy.

Garage door repairs

Sometimes, it’s obvious that garage door replacement or the garage door controller replacement is your only choice. But if the door is not completely damaged, it’s vital to inspect its parts and movement in order to see which parts have been damaged and thus what must be fixed.

It’s just like checking during a regular garage door maintenance. Only this time, you must be extra careful because some parts might really become a safety hazard. Start with the tracks, rollers and the condition of the panel and be extra careful when you are inspecting the springs.

If the mechanical parts seem to be okay or are easily fixed, check the garage door opener and its reverse mechanism. There might be a problem with the motor if the socket is wet. It’s also imperative to check that the door closes down all the way and opens up. Garage door repairs might include anything from replacing the springs and aligning the tracks to panel and weather stripping replacement.

For any garage door installations, garage door automation, maintenance and garage door repairs MF Security Systems will provide you with expert service at a fair price. Our skilled technicians have the experience and expertise to deal with any problems you may encounter.

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