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Gate Automation

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Why should you invest in Gate automation?

Are you tired of wrenching open your driveway gate, pepper spray in one hand, scanning nervously for hijackers lurking in the bushes? Do you pray the rain will let up, so you can get to work dry for a change? Then an automatic security gate is your answer.

Benefits of an Automated Driveway Gate


Your driveway is the main and most vulnerable entrance to your property. An automated security gate means you don’t have to exit your car to open it. On spotting criminal elements, you have the option of driving away, without leaving your home exposed. You can alert the authorities from the protection of your car.  Driveway hi-jackings are a real threat in South Africa. Not having to leave the safety of your car can make a huge difference between being targeted or not.

Tip:  After entering your premises, put your car in reverse whilst waiting for the gate to close. This will give you a chance of exiting quicker if an intruder slips through the gate. Also, delay your departure until the gate is secure.


You have the control over who enters your property. No more random people opening your gate and knocking on your front door. A solid automated gate can also be a deterrent to prying eyes and would be thieves.


 You don’t need to get soaked to the skin opening the gate anymore. An automated gate means you can press a button and enter without exiting the car in the pouring rain.

Additionally, if you just about dislocate your shoulder every time you push open your heavy gate, then automation is for you.


There is no chance of anyone leaving the gate open. This means your children can’t go dashing out after their soccer balls. Also, your dogs won’t be running away anymore.

Automated Gate

Types of Automated Security Gates

The two main categories of electric gates are sliding and swinging. You can determine which style is best for you by looking at your budget, aesthetic preference, and space.

Automated Sliding Gates

Sliding gates normally run on a foundation track, installed across the width of the driveway. This then extends the same distance again to the side of the pillars. Rollers on the bottom of the gate run over the foundation track – like a mono-rail.

Automated Sliding Gates Advantages

  • They take up less space when opening and closing.
  • As they run on wheels, the bottom of the gate is not damaged by ground contact.
  • Can be installed on a sloping driveway.
  • Pets cannot escape under this gate

Sliding Gates Disadvantages:

  • They’re often noisier than swing gates as they have more moving parts.
  • You need to keep the track free of debris to prevent operational interference.
  • There has to be enough space next to your fence to accommodate the gate in the open position.

Automated Swinging Gates:

Swinging security gates operate similar to your front door. A hinge system typically opens the gate to 90 degrees.

Swinging Gate Advantages:

  • Fewer moving parts make operation fairly quiet.
  • You are able to nose your car forward as the gate opens, thus entering your property much quicker.
  • Traditionally, the more aesthetic choice

Swinging Gate Disadvantages:

  • They utilise more driveway space.
  • On a steeply sloped property, they could be unsuitable.
  • The bottom of the gate could brush against the ground, causing warping.

As with all important installations, make sure you use a reputable automated gate installer such as MF Security Systems.MF Security Systems also manufacture and install steel driveway gates.

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West Rand & Randburg Service Areas:

MF Security Systems offer Gate automation installations in all Randburg & West Rand Areas (Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Randfontein).

So if you are thinking about gate automation, give us a call and we will give you a free quote on new installations.

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