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Wireless & GSM based Intercom Door Entry Systems

Wireless & GSM based Intercom Door Entry Systems are the latest security systems installed to provide you and your visitors with an increased level of security.

How does the security system work?

The system operates with your existing telephone. Your visitor simply dials the code number next in your name on the entry panel directory and your cellphone will ring. When you answer the call you will be in communication with your visitor. To unlock the gate or door, dial “9” from your cellphone. To refuse entry, simply hang up.

What are the security advantages of this system?

This system includes many security benefits not found in conventional intercom systems.

On a regular apartment intercom, all the buttons may be pushed. When too many residents answer the door, the system can become overloaded and open the door. The cellphone entry system limits the calls to one suite at a time.

What are the benefits of a Wireless and GSM-based intercom system?

  • No more lengthy cables
  • Greater Security
  • More Control Features
  • Better Monitoring
  • Easy Intercom installation
  • Expandability
  • Weatherproof

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