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Electric Fence Installation

We keep up with the latest electric fencing technology in order to provide you with the best security solutions

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Electric Fence Installation Roodepoort, Krugersdorp & Randburg Areas


Why should you consider an electric fence installation?

Your home is your castle, right? So, if only we could return to the good old days of moats and draw bridges, it would be so much easier to defend our humble abodes. Unfortunately, that’s not an option anymore, so let’s have a look at another form of perimeter security, namely electric fencing.

Benefits of Electric Fencing

Deter and detect, so that you can defend your property.

    • It will shock the pants off your would-be thief.
      An energiser produces electrical impulses around a multi-wire fence. These vary between 2 500 and 12 00 Volts, depending on the equipment used. However, the current is limited to a safe level and the pulse lasts only for a few milliseconds at a time, so you won’t be killing anyone. Installations can be done on existing walls or fences, or as a stand-alone perimeter fence.
    • Electric fencing creates a psychological disadvantage for any home invader.
      According to current information from sources like the insurance industry, it seems that electric fencing is one of the most effective deterrents currently available, the reason being that it creates a physical as well as a physiological barrier. Insurance companies often offer rebates to houses fitted with electric fencing. Keep in mind that your thief not only wants to invade your property as quickly as possible, he also needs to make a quick getaway with your laptop and flat-screen TV under his arm. Thus, choosing between trying to negotiate your electric fence and clambering over your neighbour’s unprotected wall, he would much rather select the less shocking route.
    • It will detect would-be intruders.
      An alarm will sound if anyone attempts to cut or breach your security fence. It offers 24-hour detection and alarming all year around. Being thus forewarned will give you time to muster a defense.

Some of the topics covered in the new legislation include:

  • Energiser and energiser placement specifications.
  • Energiser lightning arrestors which must be fitted to all energisers.
  • Fence and energiser earthing specifications. (The energiser must have its own earthing spike)
  • The placement and positioning of brackets.
  • Specifications regarding the joining of fence wiring /cabling; and warning signs.

So, make sure that you use a fence installer (such as MF Security systems) who will comply with all these regulations.
Use the best materials you can afford.

Remember that the level of security achieved is directly affected by the choice of brackets, the number of wires forming the electrical barrier and the distance between the brackets. Because of this MF Security Systems uses only the highest quality materials available.

Electric Fence Prices

Price would depend on the length of security fencing you require, the type and height of strands, the type of brackets used as well as how far your energizer is from the power source.

Then of course, you need to factor in the type and design of your boundary wall. A straight, level wall will be the most cost effective. Pillars, steps or the positioning of your garage as part of your perimeter wall can make a difference in the number of brackets and support stays used, pushing up the price.

Additionally, you need to consider bracket height. What number of strands will effectively secure your wall? The norm these days seems to be between 8 and 12.

Electric fence repairs & maintenance.


Mostly the main culprit affecting the efficient operation of your electric fence. Make sure to cut back weeds, branches and leaves touching the fence. These can drain the power causing the circuit to be earthed. This commonly activates a false alarm

Wear and Tear of electric fence.

Our African elements can crack, break and rust anything. Inspect your insulators and wires on a regular basis to ensure the effectiveness of your security fence.

In summary, an electric fence can buy you more peace of mind. Every barrier you create between your family and a potential intruder is worth the money spent.

MF Security Systems can assist with all types of electric fence repairs.

Our other security system services include:

Security alarm system installations
Gate automation’s
Intercom Systems
Burglar Proofing & Palisade Fencing

Electric Fencing West Rand & Randburg Service Areas:

MF Security Systems offer electric fence gates and electric fence installation Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and in all Randburg & West Rand Areas.

So if you are thinking about installing an electric fence system, give us a call and we will give you a free quote on new installations.
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