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Intercom Systems Installation

Why should you invest in an Intercom system?

We’ve come a long way since the first vendor screeched: “MIELIES” at your front gate. Nowadays, you can politely decline from the comfort and safety of your home….or even from Hong Kong. New functionality has made intercom systems much more than just a tool to answer the doorbell.

Intercom systems have grown to such an extent, that most of us are just not aware of all the new capabilities. This is just a taster of what we can install.

Wireless and GSM based intercom systems:

GSM Intercom System

No more lengthy cables

Installing and replacing cables can be a costly business.  Whilst wireless GSM systems are not completely cable free, you won’t need cables between your gate and your building. This greatly simplifies fault finding. It also means your flower beds don’t have to be dug up.

Greater Security

Video surveillance can allow you to verify the identity of the people at your gate. This is not only an invaluable residential security feature. You could also monitor staff in a small office setup. It can be useful in door control applications where it is desirable to confirm which person is at the door before pressing the release button

With a GSM intercom system, you can use your mobile as an intercom handset. This connotes to you answering the doorbell from anywhere in the world.

Would-be intruders will assume you’re home and think twice about attempting a break-in.

You can listen in at the gate if you suspect unlawful activity.

Some systems even have a talk function to scare away potential criminal elements.

More Control Features with a GSM Intercom System

You could have the option to open your gate from anywhere at all.

Additional interface devices could potentially allow you to activate your alarm.

You could even switch lights on or off. Control your pool pump or your geyser. The possibilities are endless.

Better Monitoring

Potentially you could receive sms notifications if:

  • Someone has left a gate open.
  • Your Infrared safety beams are obstructed
  • Your alarm has been activated
  • The electricity is off
  • Someone has tampered with the electric fencing

Easy Intercom installation

Your garden does not need to be overturned to lay cables
Installation takes very little time


Add components to your intercom to expand it into an ideal system for a larger house or small office installation.
More handsets means you can speak to dad in the garage. You can monitor your mom staying in the granny flat.
You could communicate with your office staff, if you are in a business environment.


No need to worry about the elements.
Most of the new intercom systems are specially designed for outdoor use.

So shop around before you have just any intercom system installed. Additional cabling and specialized knowledge will be required for some of the special features mentioned.

Our other services include:

Alarm system installation
Electric Gates
Electric Fencing
Garage Doors
Burglar Proofing & Palisade Fencing

West Rand & Randburg Service Areas:

MF Security Systems offer Intercom System installations in all Randburg & West Rand Areas (Roodepoort, Krugersdorp, Randfontein).

So if you are thinking about Intercom Systems, give us a call and we will give you a free quote on new installations.

Call out fee charged for repairs.

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