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Energizer problems – probable causes.

The energiser is on, but a low voltmeter reading show across the output terminals when it is disconnected from the fence.

  • Energiser switched to a low setting
  • Weak batteries
  • Terminals corroded

Energiser not on or voltmeter reading across output terminals when disconnected from an electric fence.

  • Mainline power outage
  • A blown fuse on the input circuit
  • Energiser switched off
  • Dry cell batteries dead, wet cell batteries discharged
  • Terminals corroded
  • Faulty energiser

Voltmeter reading on one wire higher than another or no reading from one live wire to ground return wire or soil.

  • Broken or disconnected electric fence wire
  • A broken or disconnected jumper wire
  • Broken or disconnected ground wire
  • Broken or faulty insulator
  • Ground rod deteriorated

No voltmeter reading or low reading at one location on the fence.

  • Broken wire
  • Dead short across wires
  • A broken or disconnected jumper wire
  • Disconnected or deteriorated ground rod

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