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Palisades, See Through Fencing & Burglar Proofing

Leaders in welded mesh wire fencing, palisade fencing & burglar proofing in the West Rand.

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Burglar proofing, See Through Fencing & Palisade Fence Installation

We are the leaders in welded mesh wire fencing, palisade fencing & burglar proofing in the West Rand. Burglar Proofing & Palisade Fencing are very effective security solutions.

Why should you invest in Burglar proofing & Security fencing?

In South Africa it is important to protect your family, home and possessions by keeping criminals out. Security systems are great to deter break ins, but by adding physical barriers such as burglar proofing & security fencing such as palisades and clear view fencing, it ads another layer to your home security. In the case of extended power outages it might very well be your only line of defense against intruders.

With the installation of burglar bars and security gates, it has the added advantage of increasing your property value and reducing insurance premiums.

Burglar Proofing

Burglar proofing Types

There are various styles of burglar bars to choose from.

  • Internal burglar bars which are mounted inside your home thus maintaining the original look of your home.
  • External burglar bars which protect your windows from the outside completely.
  • Spanish burglar bars which enable you to still open your windows completely but still offering you complete protection.
  • Custom made burglar bars and Security gates such as spiral bars and wrought iron bars are made to suit your individual style and needs.

MF Security’s burglar bars and security gates are made with 25 square tubing and 12 square bar and can be pre-treated with powder coating to offer resistance to corrosion and increase the lifespan of the product.

With so many styles of burglar bars and security gates to choose from it can be quite daunting but with our expertise we can assist in ensuring that your property, family and contents of your home are well protected but at the same time adding an elegant feature to your home.

Palisade Fencing

MF Security Systems has over 20 years of expertise and experience in the manufacture and installation of palisade fence panels and steel fencing, we will make sure your property is effectively protected. We also install Clear view fencing, razor wire and various other types of metal fencing.

Our palisade fencing panels are manufactured right here at our workshop in Roodepoort. The workmanship on all our products and installations are guaranteed for 1 year. We also install electric fencing, which if used along with palisades fencing creates the ultimate perimeter barrier.

Palisade fencing Types

Our Palisades are made from hot rolled 40x40mm angle iron. We manufacture and install the vicious
7 point palisade fence head, which are in our experience one of the best palisade fencing heads in preventing trespassers from entering a property.


See Through Fencing

Clear view fencing also known as anti-climb fencing are one of the most secure form of welded mesh panel fencing. The fencing is made of galvanized steel wire and has the option to be PVC coated.

Clear view fencing was designed to give maximum perimeter protection without impeding on visibility.

Contact us for a quote on clear view fencing installation.

Fencing Gallery

Our other security installation services include:

Home alarm system installations
CCTV installations
Gate automation
Intercom System installation
Electric Fencing

West Rand & Randburg Service Areas:

MF Security Systems offer security installations in all Randburg & West Rand Areas. Including: Bromhof, Northcliff, Krugersdorp, Roodepoort, Randfontein, Randpark Ridge and Fairlands.


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